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  • finish for dining room table

    I'm making a dining room table from purpleheart veneer and maple. Does anyone know of a good finish? I use mostly tung oil, but I don't think it's very water resistant. I want it as clear as possible



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    I sent an email to David Marks awhile back to get the info about his finishes. I don't know if you know who he is, he's got a show on the DIY channel on satellite. Anyway, he uses General finishes combo of tung oil, linseed oil, and other things for the stain or clear coat. He then uses a mixture of tung oil and urethane for a finish coat. This is about four or five coats. I have used it on several projects and find it very easy to use and very resisitant to water stains. It is not absolutely water proof I don't believe. Woodcraft carries the products and they have a website you can check out. I have posted his reply to me somewhere on this website, don't remember where. If you like, I would be happy to email it to you. Send me an email and I will reply.


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      Watco Oil. Use the natural finish. It should wake up the grain and leave you with a nice shine.