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Sanding sleeves for Ridgid sander

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  • Sanding sleeves for Ridgid sander

    Given questions about the availability of sanding sleeves for the Ridgid Oscillating/belt sander, what about making your own? I noticed in the Tool Crib June catalog (page 58) that Porter cable sells 10 yard rolls of 4.5 inch wide "Stikit Abrasive Rolls," although I can't find this product on the PC site. Would these hold up on a spindle if you cut them to exact length and wrap them in the right direction?

    By the way, in case anyone is interested, I really like this tool, as I do my two other Ridgid tools. It's a little tiresome to read the blind trashing Ridgid gets - especially on Woodnet - although I admit I have done some of it in the past (arbor issue) too. Chalk it up to experience (mine).

    I have a feeling that Ridgid may very well be the "sleeper" DIY tool manufacturer. It seems to me that they keep adding desireable features that take advantage of shortcomings of other tools. Despite some lapses, I believe that they are largely quality driven in a tool market that is paying less attention to quality. But, that's just a feeling.

    What constantly amazes me is Packers trashing of every other tool brand, except Makita. His assertions are unbeleivable, and so I don't believe him. His messages are good examples of how not to influence people's opinions.


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    They are meant to go on in a continuous strip lengthwise on much larger width and diameter rolls. You may be lucky if it works for a bit on the 2" drum but I doubt the edges would stay flat to the drum for very long, the problem would get worse as the diameter decreases. I don't have a problem getting supply up here.
    You can try these guys they ship to the US

    Royce Sales

    I have also heard that some people get the 9" spindles for the larger machines and cut them in half