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New R4512 question, Cast Iron Oxidation

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  • New R4512 question, Cast Iron Oxidation

    Just purchased the R4512 this past weekend and have a question regarding the cast iron top.

    After building the saw I flipped it over to notice dark rings and waves in the cast iron. Almost looks like the oily plastic wrapper was crinkled and allowed a bit of rusting to happen but it’s very dark, almost black or very dark gray oxidation.

    I tried a bit of goo-off, and PB blaster with a scouring pad but it’s not removing anything.

    What else could I try? Hate to have something new out of box with visual defects. Or at least I would like to be the one to mess it up in dew time.

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    Re: New R4512 question, Cast Iron Oxidation

    a pic or two of the problem area would help in responding to your question.
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      Re: New R4512 question, Cast Iron Oxidation

      A pic would be helpful. Mineral spirits with 150 grit sandpaper and a ROS should work. Followup with finer and finer grit until it's as smooth as you like. Once clean, I like to follow with a light coat of Boeshield T-9 buffed and dried, then a coat or two of paste wax.


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        Re: New R4512 question, Cast Iron Oxidation

        Sorry for the late reply.
        After a more thorough search here I found a few others with the same issue. It's just oxidation that was able to polish out "90%" with rubbing compound. It's not perfect but I don't really notice it after a good waxing and a few boards ran through.

        I've spent the last 3 nights screwing around with various alignments trying to get respectable and repeatable measured cuts.
        The trunnions proved to be the most difficult as they don't seem to twist when persuaded. I ended up using a wood clamp to hold the distance I needed then evenly tighten the four bolts.
        Didn't take much clamping force to align but I'm wondering if over time the whole thing will spring back to original form.

        It was .006 from tip to tip of the included 10" blade. I replaced it "before touching the alignment" with a new Irwin Marples 50T as that was the best blade I could find locally.
        The measurement was still .006 out.

        Currently tip to tip is sitting at .0015 and that's the smallest I can measure till I get better gauges, but I feel like that good enough.
        I do have about 4 teeth that lightly rub when rotated front and back using a compound square, measuring from the miter slots.
        With a square against the blade everything looks flat all the way around, so maybe its the arbor causing rubbing.

        I don't have a dial gauge so I'm going to mark the blade location to the arbor and the teeth that rub. Then I'll rotate the blade 90 degrees to see if the same or different teeth rub.

        Till next time.


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          Re: New R4512 question, Cast Iron Oxidation

          0.006 is a bit further than I would like, but it's not horrible. You can tweak it to near perfect now by fine tuning the fence fence parallel to the blade.

          I haven't seen a good quality blade from Irwin since they discontinued their Irwin "Woodworking" series that was made in Germany by Leitz, but this new "Marples" series is made in Italy and looks promising compared to their current Marathon, Sprint, and Classic series. Please let us know how it cuts. You may already know this, but keep it'll cut well for a lot longer.


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            Re: New R4512 question, Cast Iron Oxidation

            I'm very new to woodworking and this is my first table saw, so I'll take any tips anyone has.

            After about 10 cuts the alignment hasn’t changed from the last adjustment. .0015 on the cheap AutoZone feeler gauge. I really couldn’t find a tolerance goal online so I’ve probably adjusted the trunnions 10 times before using a wood clamp, trying to get it perfect.

            The four teeth that lightly touch might be an error with the blade. After rotating the blade on the arbor 90 degrees, the same four teeth touch the compound square I used for alignment. They touch on the left side and about .0025 away on the right side. Almost like the carbide tips are offset. I’m not sure if that affects anything or not as the cuts so far seem very smooth on the 2x4 pine I’m messing around with.

            First project this weekend will be a miter sled.


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              Re: New R4512 question, Cast Iron Oxidation

              Used to have a powermatic 66 that had rust on it when I got it. Cleaned it up with a random orbital sander and a 3M pad. Perserved the top with paste wax.
              Buy cheap, buy twice.


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                Re: New R4512 question, Cast Iron Oxidation

                Glad you got the issue solved. It may have been minor but still a distraction and you don't need that woodworking.