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    I tried to install a link belt on my TS2412 tablesaw without much success. Every time I start the saw the belt goes to the outside half of the pulleys - half of the belt is on the pulleys, half is off. I tried adjusting the alignment of the pulleys, but it didn't make any difference. I'm sure I have the belt oriented the right way on the pulleys, does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

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    Does the original belt on your TS2412 look like the fan belt off a car, or does the inside have ribs running down it? I ask because I have TS2424, it could be different.

    On TS2424, the belt used is a ribbed belt. Two issues with link belts here, first is that a link belt will not run on those pullies, second is that a link belt is a downgrade, ribbed belts are better.

    If TS2412 does use a V belt, it is possible you have the link belt inside out, the correct way is not obvious. The free tab ends on a link belt go to the inside, just opposite of how it naturally wants to curl.



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      The TS2412 also has the poly-v belt drive, so the link belt is not compatable with that saw. You will have to change the pullies to use the link belt.

      On another note, the link belt will not provide any benefit over the poly-v belt. The poly-v belts are already a much lower vibration than a v-belt. And a poly-v belt will last much longer than a link belt.