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    I'm planning on using my new 3612 to make some oak flooring. I was going to use Ridgid's molder head with their T/G blades. The recent discussion about a blade height lock problem with dados makes me wonder if I won't have the same problem with the molder head. Since the depth of the T/G is critical I need the T/G blades to be locked. How can I be sure or is the 3612 just not the way to go? Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Well---first off, after 13 years with the same type of blade height system, I've never had a problem---I've read about more people worrying about it than have actually had the problem.

    But, I can tell you, if you're concerned. Make yourself a gauge block of some sort and just simply check the depth every few pieces. I used to work in a wood shutter factory. While we had a machine to make the louvers with pins, we had to check about every tenth one to make sure the size remained consistant.