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    I found a Stanley Plane marked Bailey #5 this weekend in an old cabinet in the basement. it has been there how long???? It was all covered with rust and so I took it apart and used some buffing pads I had for my mouse sander. It came out pretty well with the sides of the shoe being blue. The blade looks like it has never been sharpened and the wooden handles are in good shape with the exception of the back handle will not tighten down with the long screw - If used this way it looks like it could split the foot area of handle. I'm open to any suggestions or info on this old creature. r

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    Nice find!! If you intend to use it you might get new handles from somewhere like Rockler if the handle wood is dry and splitting, otherwise find a shorter screw. The blade would almost certainly need a honing to be useful. If you just want to restore it as a collectable, you might find an oil-based conditioner for the handles, maybe Tung oil. If they don't return to full length it doesn't matter as a collectable. I returned an old Jack plane to working order last year and use often, for small projects it is nearly as good as a power planer.


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      My father has 3 planes. 2 are usable, one is as rust pitted as anything can be. He says it was his grandfathers and came to MI by covered wagon with a dresser he has. My Dad turned 78 in January, so an idea of how old that plane is; at least 100 years. I worked at it for couple weeks with WD-40, got the iron out of it. It's a keep sake, not much else. It will remain in the family and passed onto generations to come...I hope.

      I would like to clean it up as much as possable, make a display case for it, and find photo's (if they exist) of my GGF & GF. Add one of my Dad and myself and start something that can be handed down for generations to the end of time.

      Call me sentimental if you will, but in my neck of the woods, Family and Heritage means something.
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        i actually came across a similar plane. a bailey no 3 at a garage sale for 3 bucks. it was missing the blade and cap screw...the wood is in great shape and all other items hae some slight rust on them.

        stanley still makes parts for these tools and they are surprisingly reasonable. problem is they dont as of late accept online or phone orders. you need to mail it in.

        i intend to use mine so i looked for some advice on how to clean it up without damaging its character and still making it a usable tool.

        here is what i found

        it was recommended that i use a brass brush and mineral spirits to clean the rust withuot scratching the surfaces.

        it was recommended that to clean and flatten the foot that i take a sheet of 600 grit wetdry sand paper (aluminum oxide) i think, and use some spray adhesive fasten it to a sheet of plate glass. the glass is perfectly square and will allow for a true surface to clean and flatten the foot of the plane

        other than that i found authentic parts at stanley's website and i anxiously await their arrival

        let me know how yours turns out.



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          All, I would like to thank everyone for their responses. As far as this plane is concerned ,I don't really have any idea how you use it although I intend to try. It really isn't that bad of shape and its value has no merit to me($$$) because it is my GF's and it is my treasure just as others have said.
          Also I would like to thank everyone for the help on my bookcase for my son - I am pleased and I think Matt is happy with the results. A little costlier than planned but worth it all! r