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  • TS3612 Replacement Blade

    Not totally thrilled with OEM blade. Do you all have any suggestions for a single multi task blade?
    I hate sanding saw marks, changing blades for different cuts, and I don't have a jointer.

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    I have a 3612. Try a Forrest WWII std kerf. On sale now at Expersive, probably worth it.

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      This really depends on what you are cutting. As I have gotten deeper into more complicated projects I can easily say one blade will not do it all. As far as changing blades, I didn't like it initially but now it's second nature. My second blade was a Freud Diablo from HD. It was mismarked by $15 to my advantage. I was impressed by its performance over the OEM blade for cutting plywood. Now I am ripping maple with a Systimatic Glue Joint rip blade. It gives beautiful results. The surface looks polished. You will need some feather boards to insure a clean cut. With a zero clearance insert it works even better. I mitered some plywood with it - didn't really care about tear out - but with the zero clearance insert, the cut was surprisingly clean. Now I use a zero clearance insert whenever possible.

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        I'll 2nd the Sytimatic line of blades. Close to half the price of a WWII, and I doubt that anyone could tell the difference in cut.
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          I too can justify use of systamatic blades. I haven't used forrest,and probably never will! Use a dedicated blade for each application. The glue-line rip blade is AWESOME!!!


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            Check out the "General Woodworking" forum, "TS3612 Replacement Blade" for raves about the Forrest Woodworker II.

            I've heard several complaints about the price of the WW II BEFORE using it. Only time I change it is when I don't want to ruin it on melamine, osb, mdf, etc. If your TS is tuned properly, it produces "finished" edges. Sure beats sanding.

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              If you don't want to spend the money on the WWII, look into the Freud LU84R011 blade. I put one on my 3612 and it is great for just under 1/2 of the WWII tab.