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3612 height question

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  • 3612 height question

    Ok, you RIDGID gurus and afficianados...
    It is almost saw buying time for yours truly. I'm psyched and can't wait for making sawdust! Saw a post over on woodnet about TS table height, my question is:
    what height is the table on the 3612? I'm 6'2" tall, and know that I prefer work surfaces to be a bit higher than average. Naturally I'd like my workbench and my TS to be the same height for outfeed purposes. I'm drawing up plans for my shop cabinets etc... thanks for any/all advice. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    PS the 3612 will be coming home here to my new shop, so that's not an issue. the question relates more to my worktable. I'd like something around 35" to 36".

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    My TS2424 measures 36" from the ground to the top of the table... I am the same height and have a wing span (finger tip to finger tip) wider than I am tall and it suits me just fine... I plan on making all my benches 36" high... It is the height I am most comfortable at...
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      Not to wonder off the subject, but it must be nice to be able to reach the top cabinets in the kitchen without a stool or milk crate!

      btw, in changing my folding leg outfeed table over to more stable sold legs, I measured my TS2424 which is the same leg set as the 3612. Mine is steady at 36 1/2".

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        Big Johnson, Woody, Thanks guys! I really appreciate the info. I was worried I might have to rig some sort of spacer in between the saw and the legs to add height. Looking in the manual which I downloaded, I realize too that I could run the leveling feet out, and/or find a longer bolt for the foot as needed too. 36" will work just fine, however.
        Hey,Woody; someone has to dust and reach things on the top shelf, it has been my lot in life since I was a teenager.
        One of my main projects once I get my saw, will be redoing our kitchen, new cabinets for the LOML. She's only 5'3", and despite that, she wants cabinets that reach the ceiling. Guess who will be called upon to put things up there, take them out etc...
        you guessed it. *sigh* such a burden I will have to face. *sigh*
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