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  • JP0610

    In wiring this for 220, has anyone wired it with a 4-wire rather that the 3-wire shown in the manuel. I assume that the #1 wire is the neutral but when I tried #4 and #8 as the two hots I just blow the breaker. Anyone have any suggestions. thanks

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    To switch from 110 to 220 on the JP610,

    use the extra wire nut that came with the JP610 to connect 2, 3, and 5 together

    1 (that used to also have 3 and 5 and the ground side of the power feed) now just has the ground side (white wire) of the power feed. (1 to white)

    The black side of the power feed used to go to 2, 4, 8 but now only goes to 4 and 8

    The green wire or the bare wire of the power feed gets connected to the case - safety ground.

    If your 240 volt circuit has another wire, it is to allow 120 volt as well, which you don't need.


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      My JP0610 runs fine on 120, why would I want to
      convert it to 240?


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        Going with 240 makes starting/running easier on wires and motor will last a little longer. (glad I picked up something on all these forums and books)