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when does the new drill press come out?

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  • when does the new drill press come out?

    I posted a few months back and asked when the dp1550 is coming out, and Jake said the end of march. I have held out this long and I need to purchase one soon. If anyone knows please let me know.

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    You and I have been waiting the same. Check the post I just made in the General section. Like you, if what I was told is correct then loyalty has to stop some where. Care to make a recommendation on another Manufacturer and model?


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      In the general woodworking fourm they are talking about the new drill press.
      Andy B.


      • #4 are we. It was suppose to be available the first of the year, then the end of February, then April. Yes the specs are on the web site for the 1550 but customer service told me today it will not be in the stores until August. All the lady said was, "I know the web shows it but it will not be until August when HD can order one".


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          what website were you on to see the specs? I just went to and all it shows is the 1500. Let me know.


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            Go back to the post in the General Wood working forum which says something like sneak preview. Click on the web site mentioned then click on the DP. This will bring you to the spec sheet.


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              Hey guys I want to apologize to those of you who have been waiting for the new unit. There have been a few delays in getting this unit to production, becuase we're making sure we get you the best quality drill press possible. If you'll please bear with me it looks like it will be another 30-60 days.