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TS3612 and Dust Collection

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  • TS3612 and Dust Collection

    Right now I am torn between the TS3612 and some of the hybrid saws, Grizzly 1023 and Jet small cabinet saw. My comparison is now on dust collection. In general terms I know a cabinet saw offers better dust collection. If anyone has experience between cabinet saws and contractor saws (2424 or 3612) with the dust collection accessory that could comment on differences/comparison or expectations I'd appreciate it. Is there really much difference?

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    No question the best dc is on the cabinet saw. While the hybrids have a shroud, it requires that you remember to keep the dc turned on, otherwise the sawdust will quickly build up---a cabinet saw is much more forgiving.

    Also, no question a contractors' saw is harder to control dust---see my thread on Tips and Techniques.

    Let me add---you will need a small dust collector---there's simply too much dust for a shop vac or it's smaller hose.


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      Thanks. I'm doing a lot of reading and learning on DC. I'll add your thread. Thanks again.