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    I want to mount my router to a table but wonder is it better to purchase a mounting plate or make your own? Then the next question would be how do you go about making your own, if you can? Out of Plastic or Wood? May be a "dumb" question but I just bought my first router and still learning.


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    The rousseau plates are between $30 & $40 and work very well. These Items will include reducer inserts, leveling screws, starting pins, etc. You can make your own plates easily from polycarbonate, or even just by mounting your router to a piece of plywood & calling it a router table. It's the feature, & versatillity of the purchased ones that make them desirable. One of the best features of using a manufactured plate is that you can add routers to your table simply by buying another plate. I can quickly switch routers & bits in the table just by dropping the other one into the table, this can be a real boon when you're doing multi-cut production work & you don't need to worry about changing set up between bit changes.
    My vote goes to selecting the best plate for your use from today's market and fiting your table or wing to that plate!


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      The best part of woodworking is knowing we can do it ourselves. No just because it is cheaper but because we get the honour of having a shop "we" built and show off items "we" made. Todays market is trying to get us to buy "thier" accessories and pay "thier" price. ChefDan has a good point but if you can make one plate it won't take much longer to make two exact same plates while you are at it.
      You can also use a 1/4" cutting board of poly (the white cutting boards) and they are really cheap and machine very well.

      I don't want to confuse you but lets try and keep "our shop" our shop.
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        the cutting board Will Warb. Espcially 1/4 inch stock. Plus they arent flat.

        get a premade insert with Leveling screws and

        they are a minimum 3/8 thick and polycarb and Are FLAT which is the most important aspect.

        If you mount it to plywood, your going to possible have to get a bit extender to get the bit up for certain application.

        do it right or you will do it twice.

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          Bill Hylton has written a great book titled, "Router Magic". In the book he has plans for making inserts, tables, and lifts. You would be amazed at how many you can make for the cost of one manufactured.

          To echo the previous post, there is nothing more satisfying in the pride of making it yourself.