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Problem with table & track movement on Drill Press DP1550

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  • Problem with table & track movement on Drill Press DP1550

    I have a Drill Press DP1550 I bought from Home Depot back in 2009.

    I wanted to know if this problem I have is just a design issue or something that is a defect. Also interested in any fixes you might have tried.

    The problem is that when you loosen the table in order to crank it up or down, the gear track moves from side to side a little bit, which of course can screw up the alignment of the drill to the center of the table. This can be a problem especially with a drill press table/fence.

    I did see one guy that used a 3" hose clamp to clamp the geared track to the main column, and I think this was to address the same issue I am having.

    Any thoughts on this issue or the hose clamp fix? I can post a video if it helps to describe the problem.



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    Re: Problem with table & track movement on Drill Press DP1550

    While I have NOT used many other drill tables, I do think that "alignment" is pretty much always a problem, especially given the fact that the table is meant to be rotated around the column and the geared track is also designed to move with the table as you swing the table to the left or right. On my 1550, that geared track simply "tucks" into the lower base column support and is held somewhat loosly with a steel collar at the top of the track.... thus, the geared track can, and should, rotate around the column along with the table. It is important to note however, at least on my 1550, that care must be taken in this rotation so as not to bend and/or bind the track as it does not move easily. (I keep both the top and bottom "tongue" of this track well lubricated so that it does not bind too much on the top collar and bottom column support.)

    So, I think we need to understand that as the table is cranked up or down, you will have to realign it, plain and simple. The "track" is NOT an alignment tool, but a device used to elevate or lower the table; and, the table and the gear track are meant to rotate around the column. For example, you may want to swing the table out of the way if you are drilling into the end of a longer object and thus are using the base for support.

    For alignment reasons, I have a couple of "rods" that I use. But, "alignment of the table is not really that important as alignment of the drill bit to the object itself.

    (Note that I use a "Rockler" drill press table with an adjustable fence and replaceable backing blocks.... when the table is lowered for larger pieces, I use either a long rod or even a plumb-bob-type device if I consider it important to align the table. However, most of the time that is not necessary.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Problem with table & track movement on Drill Press DP1550

      With my drill press table, I first centered and straightened the metal table. Then I attached the auxiliary table centered and straight. Once I was sure they were both locked down straight, I drilled a 3/8" hole under the insert. So to center the table when raising or lowering I just use whatever bit is in the press and the 3/8" hole to center it. Works great. Here's my table:


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        Re: Problem with table & track movement on Drill Press DP1550

        Yup, thats pretty much normal. I have considered using band clamps to secure the geared track in place at the top and bottom of the track, but there would still be alot of flex. But at least it would keep the table relatively centered, and could be easily loosened to swing the table from side to side. For now, I just use the laser to re-center the table.