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Link belt for TS 3612

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  • Link belt for TS 3612

    Hey chip makers
    I just got my new TS3612 and I'm interested in a link belt for it. I know I will use my saw periodically so it will sit for lengthy times without use. I've been told that a link belt is the best way to go to prevent a kinked belt from sitting unused.
    Can anyone tell me where to get a good one?
    JB in Soldotna

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    Harbor Freight sells them.
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      I believe both Rockler and WoodCraft have what you need, and from what I have been told the link belt is well worth the purchase and should solve the problem you discribe.
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        (this assumes the TS3612 still uses a poly-v belt like previous models)

        Save yourself quite a few bucks. When you aren't going to use the saw for a long period, slip the belt off and let the motor hang on it's mount. The supplied poly-v belt and sheaves are an extremely high-quality system, easily as good as a link belt.

        If you do feel the need to replace anyway, remember that the sheaves have to be replaces, as a link belt fits a V format.



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          I thought I would want a link belt before buying the 3612, and Dave A. is right that you don't need one and that you would need to replace the sheaves if you did get one.

          The belt used on this saw has about as low an amount of vibration as I think you will get on a contractor's saw. I placed one of the spare washers (slightly thinner than a nickel) leftover from assembly on the top and it stays balanced even during startup and even way out on the edge of the wings.