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finishing 6 panel doors?

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  • finishing 6 panel doors?

    I am in the process of redoing a room. I would like to put a six panel door in and eventually 8 others in my house. I am reluctant though because I know what a bear brushing varnish on a 6 panel door will be. Does anyone have advice about a good spray gun/finish combo would be? I am thinking about laquer and HVLP gun but am afraid I don't know enough to make a good selection. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: finishing 6 panel doors?

    Check out some of these videos. I find this gentleman to be very informative. There is one video of the Earlax HVLP spray system too. Finishing | The Wood Whisperer


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      Re: finishing 6 panel doors?

      Lay them down flat on horses and apply by hand with a soft rag.

      old sweatshirt material works well, i have used it to apply shellac to doors with good results.

      I have not tried it but i wonder if wool which has been felted would make a nice hand application
      pad. might have too many loose fibers, i will have to give it a try.
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        Re: finishing 6 panel doors?

        I'm thinking that much will depend on how much spray equipment you already have. While I do like to spray most finishes (as apposed to brushing), you will obviously need a compressor with good capacity (close to 9 cfm @ 40 psi or better) and also proper filtering of the air supply to the gun, especially if you live in a humid area. If you've already got that, and an adequate place to spray, then I'd say investment in a HVLP gun would be worth it. But, if you've got to invest in both a gun and a compressor, I'd definitly go with a a brush, or better, wipe it on as Bob D. suggests. I think the "wiping" would give you the best control with the least amount of investment, if you don't presently have a compressor.

        Either way, I think the doors should be flat on saw horses or whatever work surface you have available, and it needs to be in as dust free environment as possible, with good ventilation. Lacquer dries very quickly and should not be as prone to collect dust as something like poly might be.

        I'm not sure how expensive a gun has to be for such a project. Obviosly you want something that will lay down a good consistant pattern with no sputtering or irradict behaviour. Actually, there are a couple of Harbor Freight guns that have received very good reviews, but I think I'd take a couple of trials before I used any brand gun.

        I hope this helps,



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          Re: finishing 6 panel doors?

          What are the doors made of? If they are pine be sure to use a pre stain treatment such as BIX, Or they will be blochy.



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            Re: finishing 6 panel doors?


            I think the best spray guns available in the market would be - Startingline by Devibliss, Finishline by Devibliss , Finex by Sharpe. These are some of the good brands which can be useful to you.
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