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advice re: delta's sharpener

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  • advice re: delta's sharpener

    I am in the need for a decent sharpening system to be used for lathe chisels and planer and jointer knives. The cost of a Tormek is a bit steep for me although I am told it is well worth it. In the Dec issue of Wood, Delta's 23-710 sharpener was given a very high rating, just under the Tormek. Does anyone here have any experience with it and what is your opinion ? Is it a good system or should I save my pennies until I can afford the Tormek ? Delta's tool will cost me less than 50% what the Tormek will. Thank you in advance.

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    Can't answer the question yet cuz I'm waiting for my 710 to be delivered. The article caused Tools On Sale (7 Corners Hardware/St. Paul) to sell out. Supposed to be in next week. I'd be happy to post back or email you once I have it in hand and have ruined a few tools (my normal procedure).

    I wonder if the 700 (Vert. Wheel) might be a good way to go for lathe tools. I know there are a bunch of them around because the Article panned them.
    Mike<br /><br />We\'re lost, but we\'re makin good time!


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      I'd very much appreciate hearing from you re: this sharpener. The 700 won't sell well if it sells for the exact same price as the 710 and not do near as much. Feel free to e-mail me: just be sure to put a note in the subject line to catch my attn.


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        Will do, once I've tried it outa bit. I agree about the price of the 700 and it not being quite as versatile. I'm looking forward to getting the 710. At my age I shouldn't be quite this much like a little kid on Christmas morning, but ........
        Mike<br /><br />We\'re lost, but we\'re makin good time!


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          I have found a relatively inexpensive low speed grinder with the Wolverine jig (Woodcraft has it) to be great for lathe tools. I have not yet ventured into planer and jointer knives. I am going to get a good book on sharpening first to make sure I understand these before I go invest in that route.


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            By accident, I also found an older copy of Am. Wwr or Pop' WW'ing (can't remember which), which also rated the 710 tops---two top ratings better than one However, in contrast, Delta's other sharpener gets poor ratings from several sources.

            Hint-hint, nudge, nudge---Jake--maybe Rigid needs to come out with a sharpening system to compete with Tormek.


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              I have been researching sharpeners for a couple of years and had decided to save for the Tormek until I saw the review. My 710 (700 got bad reviews in other magazines) arrived during the last minute Christmas present assembly process. I haven't had much time to spend with it but it the wet wheel seems to work well. The dry wheel did take off metal much faster than I anticipated and I overheated a cheap 1/4 chisel with just a couple light passes. I suspect with experience I'll improve. I would say get the 710 with the jointer jig add on.


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                Just to add a thought---when I needed a sharpening system (after 40 years of woodworking, I only owned a oil stone )a friend tried to talk me into the Tormek, which he'd previously bought----Geesh! For a guy who'd found it easier to buy new chisels, than sharpen them, their price was a bit hard to swallow.

                I've invested a couple of hundred in diamond and water stones---they do a great job, but for the same money, the 710 would give you a much more versitle system---i.e. jointer knives, etc.----which are almost impossible to do on stones. Don't know if the Delta works for lathe tools---maybe someone has tried it.


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                  Where on the web can you find the 710? Does Woodcraft carry it? How much?



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                    Michael, I got my 710 from Amazon, free shipping too. I believe it can be used on lathe tools, the tool holder has an angle jig which you wouldn't need for regular chisels. About $150.00

                    Dave, I thought I was the only woodworker that treated chisels as a consumable.


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                      I have a 23-700 model. I manage to use it, but would really recommend another tool. When I can, I'll get a Tormek.


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                        peterc49---yeh, it's a hard confession to make in front of woodworkers I was the same with drill bits, until I bought a Drill Doctor

                        Curt---don't know why Delta continues to make the 700---it's like day and night compared to the 710. I've got nothing against the Tormek, except its price---$800 with all accessories Now, if I was going to start a sharpening service in my town---the Tormek would be my first purchase, but for my little shop (where my table saw didn't cost $800) I couldn't justify it.


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                          I'm with Dave, none of my tools cost me $800, but I'm not above spending it if it'd help keep them in good shape. But still I believe I can spend less and do a fair enough job. It might be different too if I planned on using it to make money with but thats not the case. I just want to be able to do a fair and timely job on my shop tools is all.

                          BTW, the 710 will sharpen lathe chisels.