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  • New twist on an old subject?

    I'm new to the forum and am celebrating the one week anniversary with my TS2400 (what a nicely thought out piece of equipment it is) . Having read through some of the threads on blade choice, I thought I'd pose a twist on the blade choice question-
    Let's say that you could only ever use one blade on your TS2400, and you had to cut hard and soft wood up to 8/4 (cross and ripped, but no real long rips) and an occasional piece of Plexiglas up to 1/2" thick. Aware that our one blade might well be a 'jack of all trades, and master of none' what blade would you choose?

    Away from that subject, is there a place where you all share jig construction ideas?

    BTW- Thanks are due now, because I've already picked up a lot of good stuff here. Nice forum.

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    I don't know of any miracle blade that will do all those jobs and give you high quality results in all cases. A good quality combo blade, like the Freud LU84, would probably give you the best overall results.
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      Granted this is for a miter saw but have any of you guys tried these blades yet? Pretty interesting idea anyway.


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        JJC: I hve a friend who's been doing a lot of work with Maple reccommend one of these, and I purchased one at HD for $29.95.

        I've used it to cut 4x Oak, and a lot of Redwood. Been plased with the results so far, and the price is right.



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          I've used the Freud LU84 combination blade for about 5 years on my Delta Unisaw. I've cut thousands of board feet of lumber (mainly hardwoods and plywoods for furniture building). I'll occasionally run plastic through when I build jigs.

          I've been extremely happy with this blade. I recently had the blade sharpened for about $13. The nice part about the LU84 is that it is not a "thin-kerf" blade, so it can be resharpened several times. This is an excellent "one size fits all" (or almost all) blade.

          Here is a link to Freud's description of the blade:


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            I'll go along with the LU84 recommendation, that was the first blade that came to mind.