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R4516 Dado Throat Plate WIDTH? + Some Additional Info on R4516 TS

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  • R4516 Dado Throat Plate WIDTH? + Some Additional Info on R4516 TS

    Question: Can someone confirm for me the actual WIDTH of the opening of the optional dado throat plate? (Part # 089037006914 Dado Throat Plate) E.g. does it actually support a 3/4" dado blade? (I ask because while RIDGID upped the saw from 1/2" to 3/4" dado, they continued with the same part# for the throat plate)


    Before purchasing an R4516 I read a number of threads here and have since come across some answers to some of the questions raised about this saw previously. As a reader this forum has been quite useful to me and thought I'd pass on a few insights that appeared to have not been answered in previous threads...

    Vs. Sears 315.218280:
    Essentially they are identical from what I can tell. The handles are different. The Sears has a wider handle with plastic grip that telescopes directly into the frame tubing while the RIDGID has a steel tube that is narrower and slides into a flat piece of steel welded across the frame. The Sears model includes an outfeed support assembly (installed) and the RIDGID does not. Other than that it's basically cosmetics, colors... (Oh and Sears lists theirs at 126 lbs - Oops! )

    Dado blade thickness:
    REV03 of the manual dated 3/18/09 states 1/2" (6" diam). This is the printed version included in mine. The later REV04 (8/24/09) available online however states 3/4". The SAME throat plate is referenced in BOTH manual REVs. (The Sears manual, 9/1/08, REV00, also references 1/2" dado as well)

    Outfeed support:
    At least one forum member had problems attempting to install the optional outfeed support noted in the manual (089037006703). Apparently that part# only gets you the support piece itself but no parts to mount it with. I looked at the Sears 21828 OM. Sears calls out all the separate pieces but also calls out an Outfeed Assembly which includes fasteners and support rods. The Sears outfeed assembly part # is 089110113704. It would be dark gray contrasting with the light gray RIDGID table surface. I'm not positive this will work - just passing it on. It would seem RIDGID made a mistake in only listing the one piece and not an entire 'assembly' in the OM. Anyone have any personal experience on this accessory?

    DIY Throat plate:
    Many suggest making your own (zero tolerance) throat plate. I don't think that's a straightforward option for this model - the supports are high and would seem to only allow for a very thin plate (e.g. steel).

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    Re: R4516 Dado Throat Plate WIDTH? + Some Additional Info on R4516 TS

    Couple updates if anybody is interested...

    I installed the Sears outfeed support to the Ridgid saw - fit fine. They offer the assembly which Ridgid does not.

    I tried a new 3/4" Avenger stack dado blade set and it fits fine on the arbor if just. There is 'just' enough thread left to fully thread the fastener on flush.

    I picked up a Sears dado throat plate (for the Sears equivalent saw) and it fits over the 3/4" dado blade just fine as well - nicely centered. I assume the Ridgid throat plate is the same (save color) but the Sears plate was easier to come by and slightly cheaper (delivered).