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14" bandsaw and TS3612

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  • 14" bandsaw and TS3612

    First, I think I am going to buy the 14" band saw for myself. My question is: Do aftermarket roller guides fit this saw? I would hate to pay an extra $150 for a Jet vversion, but if I cannot add accessories, I may have to do just that.

    Second, I own a TS3612 and think that for the money, it's the best around. The top is not stamped like others in that range, and the fence looks and so far works great. However, I assume that with the saw being used/stored in the garage that it will see it's fair share of abuse. So, I am wondering if anyone knows if aftermarket fences like a 50 or 52" fence will work on the saw? I figure that if it gets damaged, why spend $200 or so on a 36" fence when I could get a better one for $50 more.

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    You would be hard-pressed to find an aftermarket fence that won't fit your Ridgid. The very most you would have to do is drill new holes in either the fence mount, or the table. Drilling holes in the cast iron table is a snap.



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      I know I've read of someone who added the roller guides to his 14" BS, but better wait for someone whose actually done it to answer this one.
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        There are some who do, but I do not, recommend roller guides. They don't work on smaller blades and are too hard to get into perfect adjustment. I use cool-blocks, or at least the concept. I make my own out of dowels and can put them right up on the blades and change them as often as needed because the cost is nil. My BS uses ½" round so I use ½" dowels and cut them about 1-1½' long and soak them in mineral oil for 24 hours with a last 45 second run through the microwave. I store them in ziplok bags. Work great.



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          Which BS do you have that has round guides??? What do you think of the Ridgid BS or the NEW Grizz 0555?



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            Marc -

            I have a Griz 1019Z. It is a good machine. I got it for Christmas last year. Its one of those things that I now wish I could trade for the 555 but then if I hadn't gotten it last year I would have not had a BS to use for this year. I guess there will alwys be something better come around after you buy whatever. :^)



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              Mike -

              I don't know if it is too late to comment on your search for a bandsaw, but my wife bought me the Grizzly G0555 bandsaw for Christmas and I think it is a great value. It looks great, easy to adjust, lots of power and relatively easy to assemble. It has the roller guides and a nice fence that is included in the base price.

              It is made in Taiwan, but most machines are these days. The only drawback is that it requires 92 1/2" blades...which are hard to find. I ordered a couple of new blades from Grizzly to have several spares.

              For $430 delivered it can not be matched by the Delta or Ridgid sold in HD or Lowes. I love Ridgid products and own a TS, jointer and planer....but their bandsaw seems overpriced to me. By the time that you buy the the metal roller guides and fence for the Delta, Craftsman or Ridgid you will be at almost $600.

              Just a few thoughts and my own opinions. I am sure that there are those who own the Ridgid bandsaw and love it.
              - Jamie


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                If I read the post on THE OAK bulletin board correctly, you should be getting a free adapter from Grizzly for your bandsaw so it can use 93 1/2" blades.




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                  Paul -

                  Thank you for that piece of information. I am going to contact Grizzly tonight. An adapter that allows the G0555 to accept 93 1/2" blades is a huge bonus.

                  Thanks again.


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                    I'm glad to hear that you like your G0555. I have been really struggling with the decision to buy a bs. I have decided to put it off for awhile to see what ridgid is going to do. My gut says that I'll probably end up with the G0555.



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                      My Grizzly is on order. They are backordered with expected mid february delivery. Just in time for Valentine's Day.