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    NOTE: I have ordered the key, I have 3 small children & will use the key RELIGIOUSLY.

    BUT...with that disclaimer out of the way, I plan to get as much set up as I can done this weekend & I just realized that I won't even be able to spin the motor without the yellow safety key in the switch. Is there a to temporarily defeat the safety so I can make some set-up / test cuts?

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    If you have a Sears or other WW store nearby, you can probably buy one there. From what I remember they use the same key. When you get the one you ordered, keep it as a spare.


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      Just tried it...My old Sears key worked in my Ridgid tools and vice versa. The tops were not the same shape, so it doesn't snap in, thus isn't a good long-term solution.

      I put a 6 penny finish nail in either of the two slots, and it did allow me to fire up both Ridgid and Sears saws - all the key does is link the handle to the inner mechanism, and the nail works. Now the question is what if your kids see that a nail works!

      By the way, when a 5 year old boy comes into the living room and announces "Chisels are boring" that means it is time for a bandage and to clean up the blood in the shop. Fortuately his father is a doctor, and the bodily damage was minor. I hope you don't hear "power tools are boring."

      For a while (when I only had one outlet in the garage shop) I ran all the tools through one of the $6 strips with a power switch, so I could be sure everything was off when I left the shop. (It also allowed me to monitor the load with an ammeter in one place.) Probably adds more security than the plastic safety switches.


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        My kids are still to young to make it to the shop on their own, but I am getting in the habit of always locking the door. I also have the entire shop wired to its own circuit breakers which I can turn off. Kids are usually much smarter and more resouceful than we think.


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          If you're desperate to get going, swing into your friendly HD and snag one out of the displays! I'm not kidding- don't ask one of the tool morons, just take it. No one there has a clue anyway!


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            The "keys" in most power tool power switches are not really designed to safe the tool from prying hands as much as they are designed to safe the owner from zealous lawyers.

            If you really want to maintain control over your shop tools, which isn't a bad idea, the best way is to have the shop powered by a sub-panel that has a main breaker. (Most panels designed to be sub-panels do not have main disconnects, since that function is performed by the breaker in the main panel that feeds them. So you may have use a panel intended to be used as a main panel, which is OK so long as you remember to lift the bond between the neutral and ground.) Get a panel with a lockable door, and when you shut down for the day, pull the main, lock the panel and take the key.

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              Gotta love the response help from ya'll

              I didn't think of Sears, I'll check there on the way home. I was thinking of the nail / paperclip wedge to get around it. Most of my shop is currently run through a commercial 20amp waber bar while I'm trying to decide on the basement finishing so I can justify having an electrician come in. The kids are all being well trained around the shop which also happens to be the garage where the MOM Bus is parked. One day I hope to be able to get a lockable panel but for now I'm gonna do it the way my dad did & spend as much time with them as they'll tolerate me and let'em learn what they want to learn out there. My 7 year old does very well with drill press projects but He's not gonna get near this saw.

              Yogi- Dude, thas stealin


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                Got the safety key at sears. Got the sop re-arranged...broke the table saw cherry about an hour ago & HOT S**T do I love good power tools!!!