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  • Feeding TP1300

    I'm a newbee and just recently bought the Ridgid TP1300 (after the TS2424 and the shop vac 6.25hp) and have only so far tested it with white pine boards 6". Works great IMHO (as if I could tell what's good or not at this point!) But I have read in this Forum that the board should be fed "with the grain" or something to that effect. How does one know if the feeding is correct, and what are the indications that the wood is being fed against the grain? In which direction do the blades turn if standing in front of the machine? Sorry for this dummy questions but found nothing in the manual, you see... Many thanks for any answers out there, and please don't chew me up...

    ...still only making dust...

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    Against the grain---you sometimes get little chip-outs--very small, but a real pain. Two things to look for.

    If your board has a grain pattern that forms a peak/point, feed the non-pointed end in first.

    If you look at the sides and the grain lines climp up, to one side, when planning that side, feed the low point first.


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      Hello Dustmaker!! Look at the wood and determine if the grain seems to be closing toward the middle of the board. (Sometimes the grain will close all the way to form a point. Think of the points as arrows. Always point the arrow at yourself as you feed the board. In most cases this will eliminate checking. If you're not sure, and checking does occur, simply reverse the feed direction on of the effected board on the following pass. Good Luck and happy wood working!! Wear those safety glasses!!!


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        Dave, Dutch, many thanks for the practical advice. Now I know a little better. In fact, as I suspected, I have been feeding the board against the grain but since I'm only shaving less than a 32nd, it was still relatively smooth. But there is nothing like doing it properly (and safely) all the time!
        Happy woodworking to all!

        ...still only making dust...