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flimsy base for 10" arbor saw

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  • flimsy base for 10" arbor saw

    I purchased the RS, put together the base, and found it to be extrememly flimsy. There are holes in the legs for side pieces, but looks like Ridgid did not include them in box. Accessory catalog does not show support pieces either. Are there supports, if so, where do I get them, and why are they not included as basic parts? Seems slightly "cheap"...

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    I also have the RS and thought the same thing, so I made a shelf to go underneath that bolts through those holes, It made a world of difference plus gave me a place to store more junk-always a bonus!
    Ridgid should make this shelf and sell it as an accessory, I would have bought it instead of making it! Those wierd angles are a pain in the A**.