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  • tenons and dado blades

    I just bought a dado blade and I'm going to experiment by trying to cut some tenons. I've never used a dado to do this, but I've heard it's quick and easy. I'll make sure my shoulder and cheek lines are marked, but I'm wondering if there's any advice out there to share?


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    I am by no means a pro at this, haven't done any mortise and tenon joinery of any signifigance. I can only offer what I am sure you have seen on NYW/Woodworks. Feather board is a must (if not the tennoning jig). Also get/make a sacrifical fence. Some nice sharp chisels and/or a shoulder plane to clean them up and get them dialed in.

    Good Luck


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      very easy to make with a dado. Be sure to make your mortise first, then take a piece of scrap the same size as the piece you are cutting the tenon on. (I save a couple pieces when i cut them to lenght). Set the fence for the depth of the tenon.
      Start the blade height lower than you need (IE too thick of a tenon) cut the tenon and check fit. Keep raising blade untill fit is right. now you have the correct thickness, cut all you pieces. Take the scrap again and set the blade height for the width( turn the piece on side). test with scrap untill it fits. now finish that cut on all the pieces.


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        My limited knowledge here so far would advise making sure your dado blade produces nice smooth cuts. I bought an el cheapo dado blade and once I cut a tenon, it required considerable sanding to get it smooth for glue up. Ended up ditching the dado blade for a tenoning jig of my own creation to cut the cheeks.....


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          dp I'm always up for trying new technics, so go for it. Let us know how it goes.
          Just make sure you're able to keep that piece very stable, and keep your face out of the line of fire. That particular cut has the potential to go very wrong very quickly.
          Have a good one. Walker1