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TS Amps

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  • TS Amps

    Does the fact that the Ridgid TS motor is rated 13 amps versus 15 - 18 amps for other 1 1/2 horse power ts motors make a difference in power?

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    I could be mistaken but what that says to me is the motor on the Ridgid runs more efficiently than the others. One horsepower is equal to 746 watts. Horsepower is then calculated with the formula- volts x amps x efficiency divided by watts (746). If this is the case then the Ridgid motor makes better use of the current it draws.



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      Gregg, 1hp=746w only applies in a perfect world. Friction and heat losses, I think, make up a large part of the loss in a motor.

      Tim, one differentiator is the type of motor. Ridgid and Delta use ODP(open-frame, drip-proof) motors, where Jet and Powermatic use TEFC(totally enclosed fan-cooled) motors. The difference in amperage is that the TEFC motors need a fan, introducing another loss to the list on my first paragraph.

      In the practical world? I can make any cut on my Ridgid that I'd expect to make on any other contractor's saw.



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        Just wondering if higher amps ment more power - not necessarily I guess. I never heard of any ridgid ts bogging down while cutting? I am in the market for a new saw and checking out the differences. Thanks.


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          Dave now I am depressed. Are you saying that we do not live in perfect world? Beam me up Scotty. I couldn't resist.



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            Its a good thing we don't live in Dave's perfect world. Our cars would never go friction for the tires.