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ROS and wet sanding????

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  • ROS and wet sanding????

    I have been reading about getting rid of rust on the table tops with WD-40 and the ROS and/or wet sanding it with the ROS. Is it safe to use this electric tool with water or WD-40? Seems to me fluids are not a good combination with a random orbit sander.
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    Never use water with your power tools. Using WD-40 is OK, but I normally move the sanding disk so that nothing gets sucked up in the holes, and one should normally just use a scotchbrite pad and use the ROS to hold it down and spin it.

    WD-40 will not hurt the tools. In fact, many lubricants are electrically non conductive. For example, one of the lubricants I use at work (LPS1) works well at displacing moisture and I spray on my contacts for the fan motors and compressors on our HVAC units.