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    Beside a accessory fence or a outfeed table what have some of you guys added to your table saw?

    I have added a router table on the left side of my saw and a porter cable spindle sander on the right side. Both of these units are drop ins and can be removed easily. Also they allow full use of my fence.

    Just Curious........Scott

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    The only thing I bought for my saw is the Dubby cut off sleid.
    Andy B.


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      I have maybe gone a bit wild with mine...

      Incra Miter, Incra TSIII fence, right-side table router, Excalibur overhead guard, zero clearance insert all the time, and of course, safety gear. Shopmade dust collection widget underneath that's probably very close to what Ridgid sells.



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        Dave A.--is there really a Rigid under there? Where's the wet bar??

        That's what I call accessorized!!


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          Answer to first question:

          "Where's the wet bar??"
          Living room.



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            Heck of a set-up there Dave. Looks great! From another Dave [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              Great looking add-ons to your 2424. I especially like the router insert that you made. I have been considering one, but my skill level is way too low at the current time.

              Thanks for all of the other great posts as well. I am learning lots from you!!


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                Jamie, you give me too much credit. These folks would be happy to sell you the same table and insert. If you don't use an Incra fence, you would want to check with them about compatibility.



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                  I'm close to Dave with a few variations. That is, I too added the Incra TS IIIa fence. I also added a router table but decided on the Veritas Steel table. It is mounted on the right side of my TS. The steel table is only 16x24 so I use it as a really big insert that is only 3/16" thick. I can tilt it up to service the router or change bits. The steel and wood support for it is bolted to the saw with the far end supported by angle iron attached to the saw (45 degree)in order to maintain mobility. Any area not covered by the Steel table is formica covered MDF that is flush with the steel table and extends to the limit of the fence so it will support any stock I can cut with the saw. Takes me about 15 seconds to remove my DW 625 from the Veritas table and the same amount of time to reinstall it because of the unique clamping system Veritas uses. Since the table is steel, I can use my Grip-Tite hold downs for tablesaw and router operations. They work great.

                  I then added the Incra Wonderfence which attaches directly to the TS IIIa fence and has built in dust collection through the hollow fence. It's a split fence so I can do joining as well as dovetails using the same Ultra jig used for the TS fence. Saves some coins there since I didn't have to purchase a dovetail jig nor build or buy ($$$) a seperate router table. Works for me .

                  It's really nifty using the Incra jig. Don't think I could ever go back to doing it the other way.