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  • Butcher Block Table

    Hello Pros,
    I have a butcher block table,more like an extra large cuttin board with legs 24x24. I pulled the legs off hand sanded and painted a fresh coat of white on them.
    I'm about to tackle the top,I bought a new Porter Cable 1/2 sheet hand sander and was wondering what grit paper I should use,and what to coat the top with?
    Thank You in advance.

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    Well you can start with whatever you want depending on how much you you need to take off the surface. You should end up using 220 or 320 grit. Most important is what you put on as a finish. If the block is made of maple all you should use is cooking oil, nothing else. Maple is the best material for cutting blocks. Test after tests have been done on bacteria growth and maple blocks have the least amount growth compared to any other material. RL


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      After reading your question again Im not sure if this is a table for sitting or something your goin to use to cut food on. RL


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        Hi RL,
        The table is diffenetly used as a cutting board,it serves as a very small island in our very small kitchen.Thank You for your help.


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          Once again my usual disclaimer, 'I am not an expert, but..." ( have been called a butt though). I have heard and read that food service products fare better with either mineral oil or special bowl oil. If the butcher block is going to be used frequently and hopefully cleaned with disinfectant then cooking oil should be ok. I sure have smelled unused cooking oil that seemed rancid.


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            Definitely mineral oil - purchased from a pharmacy. Cooking oils will go rancid.

            Best regards,



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              We use mineral oil on salad bowls and cheese boards that can sit around for a while between uses, since the mineral oil doesn't go rancid.

              But we have a maple top island in our kitchen that is used as a cutting board and prep table, and have been coating it with vegetable oil (cooking oil) for many years. Since it is wiped clean every time it is used - often many times per day - we have never had a hint of problem with rancid oil. We like the convenience of quickly coating it with the cheap vegetable oil that is "always out" in our kitchen. So I wouldn't be afraid of using vegetable oil in that application.


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                Thank you charlei for putting it in a better words. We to have used them often and we use cooking oil ( veg ). mother nature was at her best when she made the maple tree. RL