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  • Cutting Tapers

    I'm having some sort of a brain cramp & can't seem to remember how to cut a table leg with a four sided taper profile. The first two cuts on the 4 x 4 I can figure out but the next two cuts when the opposite face is tapered have thrown me. I'm using the basic "V" shaped tapering jig, and can't figure if it's best to do the first two cuts the readjust the jig, or is there some ingenious trick to using the cut off so that I don't mess up the opposite tapers and get a perfect leg. Thanks for the help ya'll

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    I have heard of (haven't tried it myself) using double stick carpet tape, you re-attach the sides you've already cut so you aren't trying to taper off a taper. Also HDAN nice to see a post about WW how to? I like these kinds of threads. Hope you get the answer you need.


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      I agree with JJC, both on the method and the thread. Replacing the cut-offs will enable you to reference a straight edge.


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        The February issue of Woodworkers Journal describes a rather interesting method of making tapered legs utilizing the Jointer by clamping a wedge on the outfeed table, I haven’t had a chance to try it but it looks pretty slick.



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          I think that the trick that was causing me the logistical error was figuring out how to compensate for the kerf when the cutof was taped back. I'm now recalling that the legs should be rough cut to length, tapered, then cut to final length at the CMS... Sounds right... right guys???

          Oh woodslayer, BTW...I tried to tell my wife that I was just gonna have to get a jointer to do those tapered legs & well lets just say that the idea was about as popular as a fart in church ....maybe next project...

          As to the thread???? did I miss something isn't the title "Ask the Woodworking Experts" ??? we might not all be experts but the combined knowledge of many has got to better than the advice of some 9-fingered guy at the tool corral


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            Glad to hear that the problem has be resolved. Sorry you couldn't talk the wife into a jointer.
            About the thread, we meant we enjoyed a post about woodworking and how to accomplish something.
            We were happy to see a "I'm too busy making sawdust to worry about warranties" post.
            Let us know how the project turns out.