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  • Working on the list!

    I’ve got too many projects in the works, so I’m attacking them one by one…or two, maybe three…oh man!

    Second Wind Workshop: A Little Attraction

    Last week I was involved in a discussion about how many woodworkers always seem to have multiple projects in the works. Some are in various stages of completion and some have been sitting around for quite a while (in my case at least!) Some might even be forgotten!

    So I was motivated to start working my way through them to start to clear off my list. Based on how/when I can work in the shop, I may always have a couple of things in the works, but there's no reason why I should have eight different projects going...a couple of which have been on the shelf hem...years!
    My Blog - Second Wind Workshop

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    Re: Working on the list!

    Well then,.................. get off the Internet and get to work.
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