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snipe problems!!!!!!

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  • snipe problems!!!!!!

    2 days ago i bought a ridgid planer. im getting 2 inch snipe on both sides of the board. i adjusted the tables as described in the manual. i did nottice that the area of the tables closest the to pivot of the tables are not level with the center chrome plate. and i see no way of adjusting this. any ideas? oh and the bords im planing are 1/2x6x24.

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    I think what you're describing about the infeed tables and outfeed tables are common to the portables. I have the Delta 12 1/2" and gave up on trying to get the coplaner to the bed of the planer. What I did was rip a 4ft piece of 3/4" MDF just shy of 12 1/2" wide and slid it through so that an even amount extended out the infeed and outfeed sides. I then marked where the front edge of the infeed table was on the bottom of the MDF and glued and screwed a 1 X 1 inch piece about 10" long at the point marked on the long piece perpendicular to the long side. I then slid it back into the planeruntil the piece on the bottom rested against the infeed table. A solid one piece bed that works great. You lose 3/4" of capacity, but you almost eliminate snipe. I also feed workpieces through at a slight angle and hold the piece down against the table on the outfeed side as it leaves the rollers. You get snipe at the point when the back of the board leaves the first roller and may lift slightly into the cutter.



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      thanks alot!!!! sounds like a great idea. ill work on it right away. thanks for the tip.