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Advice on choosing dovetail bits

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  • Advice on choosing dovetail bits

    I just bought a PC 4112 half-blind dovetail jig. It comes supplied with a 1/2" diameter, 14-degree bit with a 1/2" cutter length. I read an excellent article by Jack Loganbill that indicated that you could use other cutter options (his article illustrated using a Leigh #80 bit that was 1/2" diameter, 8-degrees, and 13/16" cutting length) to create more robust-looking dovetails that are not as shallow as those produced by using the 14-degree bit. My question is this: What will the resulting dovetails look like if you go with a wider versus a narrower bit, and what happens when you go with a longer versus a shorter cutting length?? I'm really at a loss in trying to picture what effect it will have on the dovetails produced by varying either of these 2 variables.

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    The PC does not operate like the Leigh which allows variable spacing. The PC uses the height of the bit to determine the tightness of the fit and that is the main concern when using this jig. I have not tried using any bit but the one recommended, so I can't give you any insight on what results you could expect.

    Bob R

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      How do you like the PC dovetail jig? I am looking into getting one...


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        I hope it is not too late to reply but I thought you should know that the steeper the angle the harder the wood should be. Using steep angle dovetail bits on soft wood will cause you problems. Since the tails will have sharp tips they are prone to round over quickly on any soft wood. Simply dry fitting it in and taking it out will make a noticable difference.

        Hope this helps!
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