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  • Alignment

    I've read in here before that back of the saw blade should be 0.001"-0.003" away from the fence but what should be moved the blade or the fence?
    I have the portable saw I believe it is #2400 (grey model).
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    IMHO the fence would be way easier to move on any saw


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      Typically, you ALWAYS want your blade to be dead-on parallel with the miter slot. Then you want to align your rip fence to that same miter slot. The RIDGID manual may say to align the saw blade to the left miter slot, and to align the fence to the right miter slot. In theory, this works IF the two slots are exactly parallel to each other, as they ar SUPPOSED to be on a good saw. I rarely use the left miter slot, and you will get good results if you will align the blade and the fence to the right slot.

      It does help to prevent burning and kickbacks if you will SLIGHTLY tilt the back of the fence away from the miter slot (and hence, the saw blade). You'll want the BACK of the fence to be about .004" - .005" futher back than the FRONT of the fence. This puts the fence about .002" - .003" further back at the points of the fence that are even with the blade, where it matters.

      Also, a good alignment gauge, such as A-Line-It, is essential in doing this setup. I just bought one at Woodcraft. You can reda about it here.
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