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Routing letters to make a sign

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  • Routing letters to make a sign

    I'm trying to make some signs using a router and several bits that I bought. I also bought a letter template set from Rockler that is fine but I want to make bigger letters. Does anyone have ideas on how to make or purchase a set of letter templates to route from?

    I think someeone from this forum told me how to print out letters from a PC and blow them up on a copier. I dont recall what they said to do then. I figure that I would put the paper on say some 1/2" plywood and use a scroll saw to cut out the letters as templates and then use a guide bushing with these cutouts to cut into some new stock.

    Is this the way to do it or is there an easier method.

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    That sounds like a cool idea! You can take advantage of the many different fonts and point sizes available on the computer to create any look that you want.


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      I just had another cool idea about routing (or painting) letters.

      If you own and ink jet printer, you can get a special type of clear sheets for overhead projectors at any office supply store (Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, etc.) that are made for use in ink jet printers.

      You can print letters on these using the fonts and point sizes that you wish and then take a hobby knife and make stencils out of them.

      These sheets (made out of a clear plastic) would be a little more durable for transfering letters/numbers to a pattern for routing than paper would be.


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        Good idea but I think I'll trace the letters from plastic to some masonite and then keep the postive and negative images for templates to use for this purpose and for inlay projects at later date.