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  • Home made Router jig

    A long time ago I saw a post about a home made router jig that could be used
    to cut circles within a board and could be used to smooth ie true up
    the outside edge of a circle cut with a band or jigsaw.

    As always now that I need one I can't find the post. Does anyone have any ideas?


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    Re: Home made Router jig

    Try using Google to search the Ridgid Forum, it works better than the internal search engine, but that's not saying muchas the internal search is a POC.

    So enter the following in the search box on Google

    ridgidforum: router jig

    or something like that. if you remember some particulars of the post like maybe the user name of the poerson who posted or started the thread put that in there too. Sometimes you get a couple hits that pan out, which is 200% better than using the internal search.
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      Re: Home made Router jig

      basically a compass router jig,

      to make one take a piece of thin ply board, take the router base off your router, use the base as a template and transfer holes to the ply wood, rip the ply wood to the width of the base, and about 4 inches longer than the maximum radius you want to cut, mark the center line of the plywood, (drill and counter sink the holes and screw to the router, figure where you want the pivot point dill a small hole about the size of a 4d nail, drive a 4d headless nail in the sheet your wanting to make a round circle on, and start routeing it out, I would suggest a few shallow cuts over one deep one depending on the stock your cutting,

      Build A Compass Jig To Cut Larger Circles | Woodworking Plans | Wooden Projects | Wood Workshop

      about 2/3 the way down is a very primitive circle cutting jig,
      here is a much more elaborate unit,
      How To Build A Circle Cutting Jig For A Router [COMPLETE]

      another method is (if the router has places to attach rods to is to attach long rods and make a movable block for your pivot point that will clamp to the rods, if not one could make a sub base and attach the rods in it,

      see URL,
      Easy Homemade Wood Jigs - Extreme How To

      saw one but was bared from seeing the pictures on the forum it was posted, but it used all thread for the adjusting the rods, by using two nuts/thumb screws on each side of the pivot block,
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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        Re: Home made Router jig

        I just watched a demonstration on youtube last night. Just google youtube router circle jig, and you should have it.
        Joe Spear