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Fence wont stay square on table saw

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  • Fence wont stay square on table saw

    I have a craftsman contractor saw. When I lock down the fence, the rear part of the fence always moves to the right slightly. Any idea how to make it stay parallel? It came with some fence rail shims, but I dont know if that's whathere for.

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    Which type of fence do you have---does it lock at both the front and rear, or just the front? I'd at least start with what the manual has to say on fence alignment---Just come back with some more information, like age of the saw and type of fence.


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      Hi Dave, my fence locks in the rear only. My saw is appx 5-6 years old. The manual talks about adjusting the fence handle area to make fence parallel when fence is not in locked position.
      Thing is when my fence is not in locked position it seems to be parallel to mitre gauge.

      I have a contractor type belt drive 10" craftsman saw. It was the second best contractor type saw. It has metal stamped type wings and has plastic blade adjustment wheels.


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        I gave up on my Craftsman fence a long time ago. IMO you're far better off replacing the fence with an after market one.
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