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miter gauge suggestions?

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  • miter gauge suggestions?

    Hey all,

    New member here, and new owner of the TS-3650. I still have the OEM blade and miter gauge. From reading some of the posts on these boards, it appears I would be better off by replacing both, with aftermarket options. So I am asking for inputs/suggestions for a miter gauge and blade. Thanks in advance.


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    I highly recommend the Incra 1000SE but don't take my word for it. Do a Search on this board using "Incra 1000SE" as the search subject and check out what others have to say about it and some other miter guages.
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      I'm with Dave on the 1000se. I have the V27 by Incra and it's great. My wonderful missus ordered the 1000SE for me yesterday from Amazon, for $97.

      As for the blade, there are many choices. Freud makes good blades, the Woodworker is good but pricey.
      I replaced the stock blade on my 3650 with a Ridgid T3 Titanium 50 tooth from Home depot. I got it as a temporary blade but it's so good I don't need another one. For $40 I don't think it can be beat.
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        Hi Gator - Good miter gauges run from ~ $50 to over $300. I got an Incra V27 on sale for < $50 last year that I've very happy with. The basic Woodhaven appears to be extremely well constructed but only offers 45 & 90 angles...neither of these has a fence and both would benefit from one. The Incra 1000SE offers a fence to a similar design as the V27, and owners seem happy with it. It's on sale from Amazon for < $100 delivered. I've also got an Osborne EB-3 that initially had some trouble. Some new parts appear to have corrected those. It's got a nice fence and is easy enough to operate, but the mechanisms are rather complex. At this price point I'd choose the Woodhaven Deluxe over the EB-3. It's much more robust and is astoundingly well machined.

        The best general purpose blade I've used to date is a Forrest WWII 40T. I've also owned a Freud LU84R011, Leitz 50T combo, Leitz 40T general purpose, and DeWalt 7646 60T. The WWII is more expensive but cuts cleaner on a wide variety of materials and stays sharp a long time. Sometimes Ebay has some good deals. There's currently a Leitz distributor offering discontinued Leitz made blades under the Irwin and Delta brands at a bargain price on Woodnet. "XCESSTOOLING" has several good blades that are among the better values going right now IMHO. I got the 50T and 24T from him and am very pleased. I use a 40T-50T general purpose blade for most cuts and a 24T ripper for heavy stuff. You can also use a 60T-80T dedicated crosscut blade and a 24T ripper.

        V27 review
        WWII review
        LU84 review
        DW7646 review
        DW7124 review
        Leitz distributor link

        Leitz blade pic:

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          I have 4 miter gages and the Incra V27 is the only one that can be adjusted to a perfect 90degs. to the blade and parallel to the table. It doesn't have a fence but for the $ it's money well spent.


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            The Incra 1000SE is a darn good miter gauge for < $100. It's accurate, adjustable, has a nice fence, and is on sale!

            I've had good luck with Freud and Forrest blades. It's probably more important to pick the right kind of blade for what you're doing as it is the name, assuming good quality.


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              Another vote for the 1000SE---even though I bought mine before they added the SE It's also one of the cases where less is better, as their 2000 and 3000 models actually don't perform as well.

              As to blades---based on my own experience----Freud is good----DeWalt has top quality blades--I own 2---I would not, however even consider an Oldham Signature blade---bought one and even brand new was very disappointing.


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                I have the Kreg miter gauge and am very happy with it. It was easy to adjust and was dead-on out of the box.

                As for the blade, I'll go with the Woodworker II croud.

                Bob R