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    hello all,
    I am a newby here. I would like to make some mail box post out of ceder. does anyone know how it will hold up under ground. thank's for any input you may have
    never regret growing old It\'s a privlige denied many.

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    I've done a few, going down at least 42'' and then adding a little dry cement,little water, more cement and water. Just be sure your cement is slighty abouve ground level.Never had any complants.

    Be safe out there.
    Be safe out there folks
    Bob B


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      Bob has the correct way to use concrete----there's much controversey about this (each book or home improvement show goes from one point of view to the other.

      Another method is dig your hole a bit wider than needed and about 6" deeper----put in 6" of 1/2-3/4" gravel---tamp it in with the post----have someone help to hold the post plumb and centered in the hole-----start filling in with more gravel---tamping every few inches with the end of a 2x4 or head of a sledge hammer, etc.---try to also have the gravel slightly above the grade. If you've got grass around the area, you could border the gravel with brick or another trick----cut the top half off a 5 gal. plastic plant pot and use that to contain the gravel.


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        Dave & Bob,
        Thanks for the information. both sound like good advice. I have several to build & put up. I think I will try both & see whitch works the best
        never regret growing old It\'s a privlige denied many.