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TS3650: Disassembling and Moving

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  • TS3650: Disassembling and Moving

    Hi: Just got the monster home yesterday. At 65 I don't want too move this to often, but am thinking of assembling it in my garage and using it there for the summer months (when there's usually no snow in Maine ) and then disassembling it in the Fall and moving it to its permanent home in my basement.

    My friend (also 65) who helped me get the saw home says put it in the basement right away as disassembly and moving it again will be a PITA!

    My guess is that I can take off the extensions and the motor, plus probably the fence and rails and move the saw and stand fairly easily with a litle help. It would be nice to work outside while the weather's good.

    What's your take on this?


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    I really don't believe in disassembling tools that have a need for really close tolerences, eventually they'll develop slop, or you'll lose/break something. I think I'd consider buying some of those 8 or 10 inch wheels (like on a handtruck or wheelbarrow), and build a little flat bottom cart with a little ramp that you could roll the saw onto with the hercu-lift. Then call on those same friends to help you push it around the house...maybe hook it to a riding lawnmower or something.


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      IMHO Put it in the basement, set it up once and be done with it.
      Use it to build an Adirondack chair.
      Take chair outside.
      Take beer outside.
      Enjoy the good weather.

      Sorry, forgot my manners for a minute there. WELCOME TO THE FORUM!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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        Thanks guys. I combined both your replies into a nice solution. First I got the Adirondeck chair and the beer. Set it up by the garage. Got my friend and his sons, who are carpenters to come over. The sons got so excited about the saw they put the stand and extensions on and stood it up while I drank the beer w/my buddy. They'll come back in the Fall to bring it into the basement. No charge! No back pain! Just a few more beers for all involved.

        Thanks for the inspiration. Tomorrow I'll put on the rails and the fence. If I run into problems I'll give a holler. I'm not too good at close tolerances, but maybe I'll get lucky.