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Recaning a Chair

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  • Recaning a Chair

    When the lady at the furniture repair shop quoted me $175 to recane a dining room chair back, I decided to give it a try. Youtube has several instructional videos and I found a woodworkers shop nearby that has supplies. I purchased 2 ft of caning, and spent about 2 hours removing the spline that holds the cane in place. Tomorrow I will try to match up the old spline and install the caning.
    Roughly the process reminds me of rescreening a storm door, only using different materials for the spline and screen. Wish me luck!

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    Re: Recaning a Chair

    hope it goes good,
    take some pictures and let us see your project,

    wishing you luck,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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      Re: Recaning a Chair

      Been there done that!
      The price that was quoted to you for the chair is about right!!!!
      In some cases repair places charge by the inch!

      Be sure you soak the cane material long enough for it to be pliable. It may take longer than
      the instructions you may have. In my case what should have been 20 minutes took almost 60 minutes.

      Take your time and be sure the pattern is aligned properly before you begin securing the cane and installing the
      spline. By the way I found the spline to be a lighter color than the cane material and after inserting the spline
      I carefully, using a "Q-tip" rubbed golden oak stain on only the spline.

      This slight staining of the spline made it match the cane material perfectly after drying.

      good luck...

      Cactus Man


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        Re: Recaning a Chair

        No instructions other than Youtube, and I did not soak the material. Wish I had read your response earlier. The job did not turn out perfect, but I learned from doing. I agree that the work is well worth the price quoted.Took me hours and my neck and head are killing me! Still have to get a much darker stain to match the old material. The honey oak did little, I think the material is not very absorbant? This will be my chair just in case it falls apart
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          Re: Recaning a Chair

          For future reference:

          Chair cane, Chair caning kits, Supplies for your seat weaving projects.

          They offer materials, tools, excellent instructions, and good prices.
          Their cane material is outstanding and well made

          Oh you never stain the cane material it will weaken it
          the spline though is lighter in color and if you do not want contrast to be obvious it's
          ok to stain it while damp.

          Cactus Man
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            Re: Recaning a Chair

            Once again I'm sorry I did not read your post earlier! The cane material was way too light to match the existing chairs and I stained it a dark walnut. I will be checking the link you included for future projects. I'm happy to have done this repair and I've learned a lot from doing.
            I still remember when the chair back tore. I looked at it and couldn't imagine how it was constructed or how it would be repaired. I know I made mistakes, but I am happy to have tried. Not a mystery anymore! Thanks. Frank


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              Re: Recaning a Chair

              You did a good job.