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    I want to learn wood working and buy my own equipment, but I don't know where to start. What publications can I get to learn the wood working? Are there any wood working clubs in the Louisville, KY area? What equipment do I need to get started? I would like to build small furnature and repairs to houses.


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    My 2 cents worth is.....get you a good table saw and a miter saw for your beginning purchase. Then you can branch out to what you feel like you need. My first table saw was a cheap sears and it was not fun to work with, so I sold it and got the Ridgid TS2424 which is great to use. Also the caster system makes it nice to roll around the garage. I also have the ridgid MS1050 mite saw.

    Sorry I can't help with a publication. All I can say is I subscribe to Shopnotes and it gives info on shoptips mostly.

    Good Luck.....Scott


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      I'll go along with Scott, Buy a table saw and mitter saw and like him I'm sold on Ridgid. You may want to ckeck out your local book store for books on woodworking there are some that cover basic woodworking. You might call your local chambers of Commerce of any woodworking classes. Or if there are any woodworking supply houses in your area some offer classes. The one basic things I can tell you about woodworking when it comes to power tools is SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY. Know and understand the tools, always wear proper safety equipment the most important of these is safety glasses. Woodworking is alot of fun and rewarding. I hope you can find some classes or books that will help you. Good Luck. [img]smile.gif[/img]
      Dan<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        I have heard that a good second purchase is a router as opposed to the mitre saw, but as a newbie to woodworking I haven't gotten either yet. The ts 2424 is a great saw though and have had good success with that. So which is it... router or mitre saw next????


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          Unless you're planning a big framing project.



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            Hi I am in the same situation as you are.

            However, being a mechanic for 25 years and as a beginner in woodworking,nullmy best advise about tools, is tools only buy the best and ask to other woodworkers who tryed more than one brand.

            I thought you might be interested in reading those helpfull web pages:Woodworking good reference web sites (1)

            Woodworking good reference web sites (2)

            I first bought myself a miter saw with the stand and the blade from Sears it was on sale and saved $300.00 CD. I used it once and I am happy with it (never compared to any other brand). At the opposite I started to navigate on as much customer review websites as I could and noted that one table saw that was always on top was the TS2424. I then went to HD and had a crush for it. I now own one, it is still in the box ( I am waiting for Christmas [img]tongue.gif[/img] ).

            My next buy would be a router I am lost now, as a beginner which one to buy? Anyone can help


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              Check out your local library for books on woodworking and techniques. Always remember you get what you pay for when buying tools so if you buy cheap tools you might get disappointed with the results you end up with.But, on the other hand sometimes you have to get what you can afford to start out with...........Donny