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  • request for ideas (peddlers cart)

    I've been asked to design and create a peddlers cart for the women's group at church. The peddlers cart will be used to "roll out" pamphlets during luncheon's, meetings, yard sales, etc. The following links shows what I've sketched out so far.

    I'm thinking of making the frame out of 2 x 2's. I'm waiting on the ladies to determine if they want it painted or stained. If they want it painted, I'll use 1/2" MDF over the frame work. If they want it stained I'll use 1/2" Oak plywood over the frame work. I will incorporate two drawers within the frame work for storage of extra pamphlets. The ladies have talked about wooden wagon type wheels. The "table top" will be inset or below grade about 1". Total dimensions are 60" long, 30" wide, table top will be 36" high, and the total height will be 70" including the canopy.

    Any intelligent idea's will be gratefully accepted. Such as: Finding wooden wagon wheels which will last, Frame construction (other then 2 x 2's), trim work to make it stand out. The ladies have informed me the group is on a tight budget. So I suspect this my be a labor of love for the me as I donate most (if not all) of my time.

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    Looks like a well thought out design.

    I was looking through my HF mags tonight putting together an order for all the 1/2 priced stuff I'm interested in with coupon codes, and seen an add for wooden wagon wheels. I left the mags in the shop, hence not able to relay the order number tonight. But will do so tomarrow.

    Only suggestion I might add is a 2nd set of handles at the other end for loading/offloading from a pick up or van when they reach the destination. It might make it easier for them or whom ever is doing it for them. Not just moving it to the location after unloading. Just my 2 cents.
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      Here are some thoughts that may make your cart more functional:
      While your drawing shows no dimensions, the handles appear too low. You will want them to be about 27 - 30" AFF (Above Finished Floor).
      Place the wheels closer to center to help counterbalance the weight. That is a class II lever, which helps distribute the load. Your drawing shows a class I lever, like a wheelbarrow.
      Use a lighter material instead of MDF. try 3/8" or 1/2" Birch or Maple plywood. Or use the Oak ply, the grain looks great when painted.
      Construct the drawers as in marine construction in which they must be lifted slightly before they can be pulled out. This will prevent them from sliding open in transit, and/or use Rev-A-Lock an inconspicuous magnetic lock to prevent unauthorized entry into drawers after hours.
      If you have space, build in a small wastebasket receptacle. Helps keep the cluter off the cart.
      You are a blessing for donating your time and your skill!
      If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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        These are some great idea's. Just what I wanted. Your all right, I have not decided where to place the axle. I was thinking about making the front (the handles) about 1" lower then the back. This should help some what with balance. The LOML is 5'3", so I'll measure her grip from AFF to get a measurement. I think this would be smart based on the fact this is a ladies group. So it will be mostly ladies which move the cart. I love the idea of a magnet or internal lock for the drawers. I had not thought of that! My biggest worry is going to be the wheels (standing up to the stress of time) and the axle. I have not found a decent wooden wagon wheel (or any other wheel which will look good) which I can use and be easy to install. Keep the idea's coming. I can use them all. Thanks gang!!!


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          After leaving the flyers in the shop again tonight...

          I did a search, and came up with these. I hope it helps.

          36" wheel

          24" wheel

          14" Wheel
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