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  • 1050 1 miter saw

    I have trouble. When I cut a board over 3" in width the cut seems to tail off to the right by perhaps a 32nd. I purchased the saw a couple of years ago at HD as a reconditioned item. I had no problems until I tried to cut some 4" wide boards. On occasion I am able to get the saw to cut at 90 degrees, but I am not able to forecast when it will happen and when it will not. I have taken the fence apart and put it back together sevaral times. I can see no problems with the way it mounts to the base. Has anyone ever had a problems like this?

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    Just a guess on my part, but it sounds like something is shifting as the blade moves thru the material. How fast are you moving the blade thru the material. You may want to experiment with a slower rate to see if that helps.

    One other idea is to fashion a hold-down to ensure that the material cannot move as the blade cuts through it.

    A couple of random thoughts:
    Make sure the saw is locked so it cannot shift when cutting. (i.e. change angles)
    Have you checked the blade to make sure it is tight on the arbor (not too tight, but if loose it could wobble). This is a serious safety problem if the blade is not secure.

    Pardon me for overstating the obvious but this is hard to figure out without more information.
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      Another thought,

      Are you holding the saw down when you shut it off, or are you allowing the head to rise back up as before you shut it off. Shutting the motor off before you bring the blade up will provide a much cleaner cut.