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  • Rigid R4330 Issues

    I have a Rigid R4330 which I purchased about 2 1/2 years ago from the local Home Depot. The planer has run well as I have planed some white oak that was milled on my property. I milled 2x4's 2x6's and some 1-1/8 inch thick wood with no issues. When I changed out the blades for the first time, (I had flipped the blades once in order to utilize both sides), I planed a piece of wood that was not level. It was planning well at the start and as the wood size increased on the back side, the blades hit the wood and gouged it, thus shattering a blade. Not a pleasant experience. The blade holder was slightly damaged and I had to use one of the old blades in place of the ruined one. The other two blades I ended up flipping around. The planer worked fine for some time. Then, I planned a piece of white oak that was one of the milled pieces and at the end of the planing process, there was a load bang. A blade flew out the front of the planer. The planer blade holder was damaged so, I have since bought a new one. I also bought new blades. Now when I start up the planer, it is very loud as if the brushes need replacing. I checked and they are worn out. Here's the question, should I replace the brushes and feel confident that I won't have planer blades flying out or should I opt for bringing it back to Home Depot for repair? I don't have the original sales receipt, but I do have a copy of the check. Also, has any one else out there every experienced such an issue as this? Any assistance would be appreciated

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    Re: Rigid R4330 Issues

    Sounds to me like you need some serious service and the whole thing should be checked out. I cannot imagine any reason whatsoever for any blade "flying out"... sounds dangerous to me!

    Your planing of stock that obviously was of varying thickness sets off a warning to me. I have a NIB R1300 waiting to be used, when I finally have the room to set it up. Obvious perhaps to me, is that you must set up any planer to remove no more than the maximum (1/8th inch) off the thickest portion of any stock being fed; but your post clearly warns that one must make a serious effort to measure before they feed the planer.

    However, unless your Home Depot is different than mine you need to contact your nearest (or preferred) Ridgid-authorised service center. (My Home Depot does NOT handle warranty or service problems!) But, I would definitely seek "service" at this point, rather than do any further repairs yourself.

    Good luck and welcome to the Ridgid forum.... please let us know how you make out with this, thanks!



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      Re: Rigid R4330 Issues

      Thanks for the post. I'll have to locate the nearest Rigid dealer. I believe there is one about 40 miles from me. I'll have to double check this site to make sure. Thanks again.