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Ridgid R4331 13 Inch Thickness Planer ~ UPGRADE SUGGESTION ~

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    Re: Ridgid R4331 13 Inch Thickness Planer ~ UPGRADE SUGGESTION ~

    Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
    Welcome to all new comers and please remember that what someone puts in print sometimes gets read completely different by the reader. What i mean by that is THEY think they have been clear in describing something but to another it may not be so obvious. Also, remember that it could be a day or more before someone checks back in here to see a comment to their earlier post so don't misinterpret their silence for disagreement.

    As far as 6000+ posts, proves nothing except I spend more time in the forum than I probably should and not enough in the shop.
    Do I detect a fellow U.S. Navy Veteran onboard this forum? Just going off your avatar and curiousity struck, former Navy Diver & Hull Tech here, thanks for your service if so sir.


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      Re: Ridgid R4331 13 Inch Thickness Planer ~ UPGRADE SUGGESTION ~

      Originally posted by Big G View Post
      Mr. Hall, if you admittedly don't know anything about planers then do your own homework rather than question what the members here (who do know something) have to offer. There are reasons why the wood working mags, etc., all choose the DW735 as "Best Tool"!
      Had mine since 08 and same blades.
      Big G
      Shame on you, BigG. Your response was uncalled for and overly defensive - just plain rude.
      Go with the DeWalt, Stephen.
      BigG DOES NOT reflect the attitude of the majority of forum members.


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        Re: Ridgid R4331 13 Inch Thickness Planer ~ UPGRADE SUGGESTION ~

        I was glad to read your good words on the R4331. I too just got one and it worked right out of the box. Just one question, have you had any problems with out feed? It seems that I've began to have an out feed problem where the wood doesn't come out on to the discharge tray all the way. Then I have to crank up the head to allow the wood to come out from under the planer head. I've looked at the rollers and they appear OK just haven't found a solution. Anyway, good luck with your machine.


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          New member, first post.

          jimshoe52, I purchased an R4331 last year. It's had very little use due to a problem incurred and your problem may be similar. The problem happened immediately out-of-box: the feed hesitates, even "pops" with a consequent dig into the workpiece where/when it occurred - regardless of load. It happens many times during a single board feed. I was not happy but the boards for the project at hand were tolerable for use - out of sight. Certainly not for precision carpentry but I just didn't want rough cut - it's too hard to keep clean. So after gritting my teeth a few days ago when I used it again I began research and know the problem:

          Off the cutting shaft is a gear reduction box and off that, a low speed sprocket to a link chain that drives another link chain between the two feed rollers. There is apparently no adjustment to control chain tension ON EITHER CHAIN. The problem is exactly what would happen when a link chain is loose enough to climb over a sprocket. I suspect I will find this loose chain on the primary. The R4331 is on the bench. I've looked it over to determine the best way to the drive(s) without taking it apart in a stupid way. FYI, I finished the planing with a Harbor Freight planer that my wife bought me - not knowing I already purchased the Rigid. Dang it, the Harbor Freight unit worked great. Sigh.

          Anyway, this is a noted problem that others have experienced. Yeah, it's under warranty. I have little desire to make multiple 4 hour round trips to town.