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  • TP1300 feed rollers

    Does anybody know what lateral play is "reasonable" for the front and rear feed rollers? The planer I own is making intermittent loud metal-to-metal noises under no load conditions (doesn't sound like bearings, not at a fixed frequency), and the rollers have a great deal of lateral slop.

    I've searched the postings on TP1300 noise issues and have gone through the items listed there (loose chain, chain greasing, etc.) and this doesn't sound like my circumstance.

    Any ideas would be appreciated... I really don't want to continue using it not knowing what the problem is . The thought that this puppy might come unglued at about 9k rpm just isn't all that appealing....

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    The noise your are experiencing is gear noise. It can be corrected by simply putting some additional lube in the gear "box".

    Unplug the machine. On the left side (as you stand at the front) of the cutterhead there is a plastic tray that runs from front to back. Remove this tray by squeezing both ends. Once the tray is out of the way you will be able to reach up and feel a set of gears sandwiched between two steel plates. Using a green or brown bearing grease, liberally lube the gears. Remount the plastic tray and you should be in business.



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      Thanks much for being so responsive!! I did as you suggested, and, voila, no more noises.

      Again, thanks for the information....