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13" thickness planer

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  • 13" thickness planer

    I bought a used planer and was told it was a 4331 model but now find that it is the 4330 with the depth handle on the side. Can someone tell me what the up grades are from one to another. Ridgid is not much help.

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    Re: 13" thickness planer


    Welcome to Ridgid forum.

    I own the older R1300 (I think that's the model number), so let me just tell you what I know as I've sort of kept track of some of the differences. First off, I made my purchase just as the 1300 model was being phased out and replaced by the R4330.

    The 1300 had a long and excellent reputation. When the 4330 was introduced as its replacement, the improvements touted were primarily in that it now had a 3-blade cutter head, as opposed to the 1300's 2-blade head. Improvements were also made in the ducting assembly for chip removal. However, the 4330 model did away with the cutter head locking mechanism, in favor of a redesign of the post/screw system which supports the elevation of the cutter head.

    I'm sure there were some additional minor changes too, but the previous mentions are the main updates. I should point out that the older 1300 blades (2) are not compatible with the R4330/31 blades (3). The newer model blades are narrower. Both 1300 and 4330/31 blades are double-edged so you can reverse them for added longevity before disposal (Neither can be sharpened, as their operational design is fixed.)

    There have been a few posts regarding the 4330, where the cutter head moved during operation. Without the cutter head lock of the 1300, the new design apparently had some circumstances in which the height adjustment was moving.

    The 4331, as I understand it, was basically a modified re-design of the 4330, keeping all of it's features but adding the cutter head locking mechanism. As far as I know, the 4330 and 4331 look exactly alike and have the same performance specs, except for the addition of the cutter head lock on the 4331.

    I hope this helps,

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      Re: 13" thickness planer

      Syd, I don't think you'll go wrong with your used purchase of the older model. If I could have found a used model of either I'd have been tickled. I really like the 4331 and hope to learn some tips and tricks about it, put it to good use last night, I'm slow paced 64th's at a time, not in too much of a hurry.


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        Re: 13" thickness planer

        The R4331 also adds a dust ejector.


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          Re: 13" thickness planer

          I've found a dust ejector to be a really nice feature on my planer and coupled with the dust collector really leaves almost nothing on the tables. Nice that Ridgid added that.

          I would have bought their planer, but when I went to get one HD was clearing out their DW735 for a ridiculous price that I couldn't pass up.


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            Re: 13" thickness planer

            The dust ejector is really nice, can't go wrong with the Dewalt 735 either, very nice setup as well.