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    hi!you guy,s
    i am planning a trip to new york this month the missuss want,s to shop ? so do i i want the ts3650 ridgid so i hope they got a home depot over there \new york/ .by the way guy,s where do you do this search on leg flex is it a forum or some thing .i have to say one thing in this forum the feed back from all who visit ,is a must have the information given even on the smallest of issue,s is incredible .ask a question and you get an answer for me i have to say ,ifeel it is 100% i spend hour,s just reading up on well everything \ wood that is . good luck guy,s

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    Go to HD's web site and do a search using the postal zip code for the area of NY you will be visiting. They probably have a local map there to guide you in too
    Enjoy your stay in the colonies


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      What part of NY are you visiting? Probably the Big Apple? Enjoy your stay. If you buy a 3650 here, how would you get it home? Shipping must cost a fortune. Just a thought: round trip tickets?- you and the misses one way?, you and the 3650 the other way? Wellll, maybe not [img]smile.gif[/img]
      The consensus is that leg flex is not an issue or doesn't exist, at least among most of us that own one.
      To do a search, click on the word "search" at the upper right of the page, type in the topic and there you go.
      "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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        Woodchip, Flying in and out of N.Y. area been interesting as of late? I flew from New Jersey about year ago took as little as I could and still drew attention as I have alot of metal in Rt. leg from an accident when young set off something!!! . Waited for them to say you hide your weapon were! Now can't imagine scanning those big boxes/ long metal rails . How many carry ons? . All in all things not bad, Have a good stay and enjoy. Hope you get the 3650 to take back and show off. Rick.


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          The 3650 is a great saw. I don't think the airlines will take it. Its big and extremely heavy. Took 2 monsters to load it in the truck. Enjoy NY