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Belt tension for 3650

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  • Belt tension for 3650

    Can anyone tell me how tight to make the belt for the 3650? I have tried several times to get it to the right tension, but each time it comes loose. I followed the pathetic instructions for mounting it by the manual, but it just says make sure you can squeeze it together. It is fairly tight right now, but sometimes it gets a bit loose when I shut it off. The set screws are still tight, but the motor mount can swing upwards and in and I just want to make sure it is right.

    I will say the beginning of the book was fantastic, but when it got to the herc-u-lift section, to became VERY vague.

    Still like the saw a lot. It weights a ton and this is the first cast iron saw I have owned and I doubt I will go back to any other kind.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Crank the blade up while at the same time look at the motor and you'll understand why the motor can still swing up and in.
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      I had some trouble being satisfied with the belt tension, also.
      I found that sliding the motor mount so that there is 2 1/2" of the two rods showing made getting the belt tension per the manual easy.
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