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Centering router base plate?

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  • Centering router base plate?

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to center the base plate on a router for free hand use? I have built a jig for cutting dado grooves and need my base plate dead center on the router. Any tips or suggestions would be good.

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    What brand and model of router? On my Porter Cable I can loosen the plate, then lower onto the collet to center, then tighten the plate. The Dewalts I've used have a cone-shaped device that you install, then lower the plate to center.
    Does your jig require the use of template guides or does it use rails that the router base run against?


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      I have a Makita RF1101. The jig uses rails. I know I can loosen the base plate and move around but I need get it dead center. The openening on the base plate I believe is 2.5 inches.


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        Chuck the largest diameter bit you have into the router (maybe a chamfer bit?). Loosen the base plate and lower to the widest part of the bit. Loosen the base plate and measure the distance from the base to the bit at three points. When the distances are the same, the base is centered and you can tighten the screws holding the baseā€¦. I would tighten each a little at a time.

        Using a rail style jig, try to keep the same point of the router base against the rails. Then if even if the bit is a little off center, the dado is centered between the rails, although it could be slightly over/under sized.

        Welcome to the forum. What are you making?


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          I am in the process of making a hutch for a family members scrap booking stuff.
          It is being made out of solid maple.

          I have made several differnt dado jig's to see what works the best and have finally come up with one that actually clamps it self to the work piece w/out having to use additional clamps. I had to come up with a design that would help straighten out the bow in the maple panels I have glued together. It is impossible to make a dado cut on a panel that has been bowed. My jig works great and takes no time to setup.