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  • TS2400

    What are the slots in the rip fencr for? If they are for some type of clamp or gage, where can i get them? I downloaded Ridgids cataloge, i found nothing. Thanks robert

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    I have not looked at the manual for your saw but the 2424 and 3612 fence slots are there to accept many types of jigs and aux fences, etc. Let your imagination run wild. The book for your saw should explain and show how to build them ( at least the aux fence). If you do not have one you can download it. Hope this helps.


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      Bob S. is correct. I use a fence facing a lot when cutting rabbets or running molding. All the Ridgid table saws have these slots. Square head bolts(1/4-20) will fit into the slots and secure whatever type of fixture you need. These facings of course can be secured with clamps but by using the bolts you stand less chance of damaging the fence and you don't have to worry about the clamps getting in your way.


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        Thank you. Jigs are a must I understand. This information is good. Robert